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Small light crane will be needed for assembly of 4 season Cottages

All cabins and cottages come in panels, which eliminates pieces and the high cost of labor. Assembly is a simple and unique process. Each four foot panel is fastened to another panel with high-grade screws which have a special coating to prevent rust and corrosion. Each wall panel is numbered to correspond with a diagram in the instructions. Windows and doors can be placed in most panels giving you design flexibility. Special panels are available to accommodate sliding glass doors or French doors. The roof is also in panels for ease of construction, and are all the same to prevent confusion during assembly. The roof panels give the charm and elegant appearance of the open beam ceiling with select knotty pine decking. Cabins & Cottages are structurally engineered to meet building code requirements for your location.

Due to ease of assembly and functional structure, our cabin kits and cottage kits can serve a multitude of uses. Our log cabin and cottage kits come in standard shell sizes. You can add to a standard shell size to make an L, T, X, H or U shape to accomplish your needs and desires. We believe in our customer’s ability to use their imagination to design the interior floor plans and decorate their cabins and cottages to fit their personal needs and enjoyment. You alone, or together with your building contractor, should make the decisions to insure the best design for your comfort. Panel Concepts will work with you or your contractor to assist with the construction of your cottage. Foundation and floor systems are not included in our cabin or cottage kits; any type of floor system may be used.

• 3 Season – non-insulated walls
• No Sawing or Drilling Required for construction
• Complete cabin in panels (Roof & Walls)
• Cabin panels are constructed of wooden channels into which the panel pieces fit tightly
• All cabins have solid wood walls that are T&G and no insulation
• Interior side of the solid wood wall panel is rustic knotty pine providing charm and a cozy, warm feeling
• Exterior side of the solid wood panel is milled to a round wood log
• Cathedral Ceilings are open beam with select knotty pine Paneling installed in the panels
• Some models have insulation installed in roof panels
• The way our panels are constructed, 2 or 3 people can easily handle and assemble the cabin
• Smaller cabins can be assembled with a ladder, screw gun, level, hammer and chalk line
• Smaller cabins can be erected in one day Example: A 12 x 12 Cabin has only 26 wall, gable and roof panels to fasten together
• Windows and doors are installed in the panels
• Assembled with high grade coated screws
• Trim Pieces Pre-cut
• All material Kiln Dried
• No Flooring or foundation included in kit
• Wiring can be installed on the exposed surface of the wall using conduit or wire molding
(not included in cabin kit)


• 4 Season – Insulated
• Complete cottage in panels (Roof & Walls)
• Roof & Wall Panels have Code Requirement Insulation (installed)
• You install the windows & doors in openings provided
• Sawing required for finish construction for trims and ¾” T&G to be cut to desired length
• Wall panels have wooden 2’x 4’ or 2’x 6’ frames
• The ridged engineered wall frames have the insulation installed
• All roof panels have the soffit vent, ¾” select knotty pine tongue and groove paneling and the insulation (installed)
• 2 or 3 people can handle the wall panels, a small crane will be needed to install the gable and roof panels.
• It will take a few more tools to assemble a cottage than a cabin. Scaffold for larger cottages, ladders, screw guns, level, hammer, chalk line and miter saw for trims, siding, and T&G
• Assembled with high grade coated screws and bolts
• All material Kiln Dried
• Electrical can be hidden in wall
• No Flooring or foundation included in kit