CL Tables

A table is arguably one of the most important fixtures within any home. Every meal and family memory is made seated around this place of gathering, meaning it should be made with the same love and care it deserves.

Made from all original Panel Concepts designs, our log cabin tables offer a unique option when it comes to fine dining. From the Bluemountain round table to the indoor solid top, our selection promises spacious and strong tables engineered to accommodate any family member.

Furthermore, we believe in the historic quality of wood. Present throughout homes years ago, wood is one of the most steadfast properties to be molded however you envision. For more than a decade, Panel Concepts has tested architectural ideas in order to bring a creative flair into every home. This can be your chance.

Panel Concepts strives to offer only the most attentive and reliable service to greater reflect the products we create. For any additional inquiries, feedback or concerns, contact us today.


RTIDT: $949.00

6′ Indoor Solid Top Table 72x42x30
RTIDC – Indoor Dining Chair: $159.00



RT48ST: $329.00

46″ Outdoor Square Table 46x46x30
RTDC – Outdoor Dining Chair: $149.00



OA18: $379.95

Bluemountain Round Table 48″ Dia. X 31″ H
OA133 Dining Chair: $184.95


*All prices subject to change
*All products may not be available