Small Log Cabin Kits

No sawing or drill in our cabins. The easiest of all small log cabins to build. The solid wood walls and solid wood roof are all in 4’ panels. These cabins can be built with only 4 tools; screw gun, hammer, level and 2 ladders.  The doors and windows are installed in the panels.  The wall panels are all numbered to correspond with the diagrams in the instructions. And the roof panels are all the same to prevent confusion during the assembly.  The inside of each panel is knotty pine providing charm and a warm cozy feeling.

The perfect camping, hunting or fishing cabin.  The quick and easy assembly provides the outdoor person or family with a dry, warm cabin that is inexpensive and comfortable.

Decorating our small log cabins is an easy process.  The country theme that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed in your cabins is the perfect one for you.  Some people do not decorate and prefer the knotty pine cozy feeling in there cabin.

Our quality log cabin kits in panels are delivered and ready to assemble.  The unique design makes having our log cabin kit easy, and affordable.    The unique design of our log cabin allows our cabin to fit any landscape with minimal disruption, no heavy equipment is needed.  These are ideal for those land owners with property on islands or where you cannot get a delivery truck.

Every component that goes into a Panel Concepts building is part of an engineered pre-assembled panel – no sawing or drilling is required.  This construction method eliminates the many pieces and high labor associated with standard building methods.  Only high quality, kiln dried pine or cedar is used.


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