Maintenance Crucial to Cabin Longevity

log cabinTo increase and sustain the lifetime of your cabin, it’s vital to perform regular maintenance on the interior and exterior. Just like a home that has to be taken care of, cabins need to be cleaned, inspected and sometimes repaired for long-term use.

Cleaning the inside of your cabin is like preventative maintenance. You will be able to find any cracks, leaks or problems in their infancy. Cleaning behind appliances, and dusting all the surfaces is a great way to gauge any improvements that are needed. It’s especially important to not have clutter in cabins due to the increased amount of surrounding wildlife. During the fall and winter months, small critters look for warm places to build a home, and you don’t want a corner of clutter to end up as a squirrel’s nest.

For the outside of your cabin, you can give it a good washing with a power washer. Lightly go over the entire exterior, too much pressure will damage the wood. Removing leaves, dirt and grime from the outside of your cabin will eliminate the build up of any of these materials. It also decreases the potential for the wood siding of the cabin splitting or weakening.

Having a regular maintenance plan for your cabin will keep it looking good and in great shape. As you clean, keep an eye out for any problems that could cause major issues if they aren’t taken care of immediately. Taking care of problems when they start costs less money and causes less stress than waiting until they are a huge, expensive and worrisome issue.

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