The Deadly Truth about Trash

There is one thing we often forget when spending time out in cabins or even just camping. We often produce trash that can’t always be easily disposed of, and before long we draw in far too many problems with that trash, as well as make problems for others, including animals. Unlike at home, where you might just throw your trash into a dumpster and be done with it, you can’t do that out in the wild without ending up with bears stealing your dumpster. But then how do you handle your waste in the wild?

The first thing to do is to make sure you have an animal proof trashcan. Preferably you want to have as little excess trash of any kind as possible, which means limiting yourself from buying anything that has extra packaging that is useless, but even if you do control what you are getting there’s still bound to be trash, which means getting something that animals can’t get access to. This is as much for your safety as it is for any animals that might come around, the stuff we throw away is not good for them, as much as they think it is.

The second thing is to eliminate the problem trash you might be throwing away. The most common in the past was the plastic that kept a six pack of soda cans or beers together. Those kinds of things should be cut up so they don’t cause any problems, anything that could result in the animals being harmed, even if you don’t think it could happen you are better to err with caution and find some way to dismantle it, this can include aluminum cans, or fish hooks, or yogurt containers.

The third thing is to lock up smells. This can best be achieved by the animal proof trashcans, which will occasionally be air tight to keep smells in, but also just getting something to mask smells of food around your house or cabin can assist with that. Preferably aim for something that will eliminate odors, rather than just mask them. Smell is what draws the majority of animals to your trash cans and dumpsters. If we eliminate that, we take away the majority of the problem.

This brings us to mentioning that even food and supplies that are not in a trash will bring problems to you if you aren’t being careful. If you are camping look to using old methods like throwing any food supplies up into a tree to keep it away from bears and other land animals (unless you are in a rainforest, then you should bury it). You can also even buy special canisters and containers that are ‘child-proof’ except for bears and other animals that have a bit of dexterity in opening things like raccoons.

Just following some of these important methods could end up saving both your life, and the life of the animals that are being lured to you. Remember, you don’t want them around as much as they don’t want to be around you. They are just being drawn there because they are hungry. So avoid drawing them to you in the first place and everyone will be safe!

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